New Year, New You! Sustainable Weight Loss in 2024

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The new year is often the best time to have a conversation with ourselves, looking at the 12 months ahead and setting intentions for how we want to live our lives. As we get caught up in the routine of daily life and a million things that seem to demand our attention, one thing is crystal clear – without good health, none of these would matter. 

In fact, 44% of us make New Year resolutions and the top 2 resolutions are both health-related – improving your fitness and losing weight. 

NY resolutions

But as we all know, weight loss resolutions like any New Year resolution can be hard to keep in the long run: losing that motivation, lack of time, diet restrictions that are impossible to maintain...  

At Allurion, our goal is to offer a safe and sustainable solution to the millions of people struggling with obesity and overweight, as this often has a negative impact on one’s health.  

Without imposing unrealistic standards or advocating for quick fixes, we provide the tools to make losing weight easier, reduce the mental load of weight loss, stay motivated by seeing fast results and embrace healthier eating and lifestyle habits that can be sustained in the long run. 

Start your 2024 journey with Allurion and see how sticking to your New Year health resolutions can be easier with the Allurion Programme.

Kickstarting your weight loss: Non-surgical, swallowable gastric balloon


Allurion Capsule and Balloon

From capsule to balloon

Designed by doctors and made in the US, the innovative Allurion Balloon is a game-changer in the world of weight management. It's the only one of its kind that doesn’t require surgery or endoscopy, making it a straightforward and non-invasive option. 

The process is quick and simple. During a short 15-minute clinic visit, the Allurion Balloon is placed in your stomach through a capsule that you swallow. Once in place, the balloon helps you feel fuller sooner, thus reducing your overall food intake. It's an excellent tool for controlling hunger pangs and minimising snack cravings - common challenges when trying to lose weight. As the balloon kickstarts your weight loss, you'll receive support and nutrition coaching from your clinic team to: 

  • learn new eating habits 
  • recognize your triggers 
  • building strategies to deal with obstacles and 
  • making changes to your lifestyle. 

Achieve fast weight loss in the first month

Did you know that on average, results can be seen just one month after placement of the Allurion Balloon? In fact, you can lose 7 kg body weight on average in the first 30 days alone.1 

Allurion Scale

Besides that immense boost of motivation it gives, rapid weight loss can be a more effective and healthier approach to managing your weight than gradual weight loss. That’s because seeing these encouraging results in the early weeks of the programme reinforces the behaviour change process and helps you to stay motivated and on track. 

Not just that, rapid weight loss in the initial weeks has been shown to lead to superior long-term weight-loss outcomes. The more weight you lose early in a weight-management program, the more weight you’re likely to lose over the long term. 

Your clinic care team will be with you every step of the way, monitoring your weight loss progress and making sure you stay well-nourished and supported. 

Samira - Allurion Patient

“The procedure is really easy and painless, and the results are quick. I saw the results from the first month, when I lost 7 kg. Who loses 7 kg in one month?" - Allurion patient Samira, -14 kg 

Spring-summer 2024: Weight loss, better health, better habits

Starting your Allurion journey in the beginning of the year means you're on track to see transformative results just in time for spring and summer. By the time the warmer months roll around, you'll already be experiencing the positive changes that come with the programme, such as significant weight loss and better lifestyle habits. 

Women working out.

How do we know? Because the Allurion Programme has been proven to support an average of 10-15% body weight loss in approximately 4 months.2 

In fact, for those who have a starting BMI of 35-40kg/m2,  Allurion Programme patients on average lose 15% of their body weight at 4 months. 

And if you have been struggling with obesity-related health issues, weight loss can positively impact your health. For example, losing just 5% of your total body weight can reduce the risk of a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes. If you’re already living with type 2 diabetes, it can help improve blood sugar control and general health.  
Read more on how the Allurion Programme has been clinically proven to treat people who are living with type 2 diabetes and prediabetes, bringing them into disease remission. 

Jeseca - Allurion Patien

"I'm very happy because my blood sugar level is normal now, as well as my blood pressure." - Allurion patient, Jeseca, -11 kg 

To see how much weight you could lose, check your BMI and see if you’re eligible for the programme here. 

Changing the way you eat  

Why is the Allurion Programme so effective in helping individuals lose weight in a fast, healthy and sustainable way?  

Unlike other gastric balloons, bariatric surgery or weight loss medications, the Allurion Programme takes a comprehensive approach to weight loss that combines medical innovation, personalised coaching and digital tools.

Allurion Patient cooking

“Now, compared to my portions before the Allurion Balloon, I see huge differences. And I realized that our stomach is not a trash bin. I no longer live to eat. Thanks to the Allurion Programme, I eat to live.” - Allurion patient Güven, -16 kg. 

Our goal is for our patients to achieve fast and healthy weight loss, but also weight loss that is sustainable in the long-term. 

The Allurion Gastric Balloon helps you kickstart that initial weight loss, keeping you feeling full as you start adjusting your eating habits. You’ll be supported and coached by your Allurion clinic team as you navigate this new way of eating. Your nutritionist will work with you to build a meal plan that fits your lifestyle, tastes and preferences. We want you to nourish your body with all the nutrients it needs, with meals that bring you joy as you build a healthier relationship to food. 

Changing the way you live and move 

For weight loss to be successful and sustainable, behaviour change has to occur and the Allurion Programme is designed to help you ignite and maintain that change. 

Allurion App

During the programme, as you learn new ways of eating, you’ll also be tracking your weight loss progress, body composition, physical activity and sleep on our AI-powered digital tools.  

Tracking helps to build accountability and motivation and becomes a powerful catalyst for change. The data reflects your journey, instilling a sense of accountability that strengthens your commitment to the process. Regularly monitoring your achievements fosters a positive cycle, reinforcing the behaviors that drive success while providing the motivation needed to stay dedicated to your goals. 

IG video about Allurion

And you're never alone on the Allurion journey. Your clinic care team has real-time access to this health and activity data. That empowers them to adapt the programme to your individual progress, offering more tailored support and ensuring they’re on hand when you need them the most. 

Our digital tools 

Allurion Scale and App

The Allurion Connected Scale offers a complete weight tracking experience, allowing you to monitor your weight, BMI and body composition with ease. The scale syncs seamlessly with the Allurion App. 

Video consult

With the Allurion App, you’ll be able to monitor your progress, and stay connected with your care team via instant messaging or 1:1 video telehealth. You can reach out for day-to-day advice, ask for information on nutrition and enjoy personalized content. The app works with Apple Health and Fitbit, so you can record your activity and sleep data using your favourite tracker. 

Year-Long Success: Maintaining Your Weight Loss with the Allurion Programme


Hakim - Allurion Patient

The Allurion Programme isn't just about short-term results; it's a commitment to long-lasting success. We give you the tools to continue your weight loss after the programme has ended. Your healthier eating habits, positive relationship with food and the behavioural changes all go a long way to helping you continue losing weight or maintaining your weight. 

The programme is also about transforming your mindset, addressing the emotional challenges, and finding the inner strength to overcome obstacles that can stand in the way of your success. 

We’ve put together some tips on how to keep weight off after losing it. And if you need more support, the programme provides ongoing support up to a year. Some patients might decide they want to lose even more weight and opt for a second sequential Allurion Balloon. 

Discover the different Allurion Programmes here. 

Book your free gastric balloon consultation today! 

The first step is to use our BMI calculator to see if you’re eligible for an Allurion Balloon. The next step is to book your free phone consultation. 

If you have any questions, or if you’d like to speak with an Allurion advisor, you can also get in touch here. 

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1.Ienca R. et al., Presented at Obesity Week, November 2022, The Swallowable Gastric Balloon Program: Global Experience in 3,716 Patients 

2. Ienca, R et al.  Obesity surgery vol. 30,9 (2020): 3354-3362 

The Procedureless Elipse Gastric Balloon Program: Multicenter Experience in 1770 Consecutive Patients 

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