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Losing weight is a journey that goes beyond changing your eating and exercise habits. It's about transforming your mindset, addressing the emotional challenges, and finding the inner strength to overcome obstacles that can stand in the way of your success.  

At Allurion, we understand that true, lasting transformation involves both the physical and the mental. That's why the Allurion Programme offers you the tools and support to lose weight, adopt healthier habits, but also to reshape your mindset, empowering you to achieve tangible, sustainable results.  

In this article, we'll explore the relationship between weight loss, mindset and mental well-being, and how the Allurion Programme plays an important role in this process by approaching weight loss from a holistic perspective - taking into account physical, psychological and emotional aspects. 

The link between weight loss and mental well-being

Did you know that losing weight (if you’re living with obesity) can improve your mental wellbeing? There is a lot of research that shows how weight loss leads to benefits for mental well-being and mental health. For example, if you are living with obesity, losing at least 10% of your body weight not only improves physical health such as: 

  • Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure 
  • Reduced cancer risk 
  • Improvements in fertility 

but also, improvements in health-related quality of life (QOL), such as judging life positively, feeling good and healthy, feeling like you have energy. 

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How the Allurion Programme can improve your quality of life 

In addition, new research published this year shows that the Allurion Programme doesn’t just lead to weight loss but also, significant improvements in general well-being and weight-related quality of life.1 

Looking beyond the scale 

As much as weight loss plays a role in improving your mental well-being, we believe that the non-scale victories you experience along a weight-loss journey are equally, if not more, important. These victories are not just milestones; they are tangible proof of the positive changes you're making in your life and play a part in improving your mental well-being. 

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These could be simple observations like feeling more energized, sleeping better, fitting into different sized clothes, being able to walk more comfortably or simply feeling more confident trying new things you once thought were beyond your reach. These victories are testament to your personal growth and transformation. 

Focus on progress, not perfection. 

Read more about how non-scale victories and progress are tracked on the Allurion Programme. 

Of course, we all know that ups and downs are a part of any weight-loss journey and there will certainly be moments when you feel like progress is just beyond your grasp. Read on as we talk about how to overcome negative self-talk, emotional eating triggers and transform your mindset during your journey. 

How to stop the negative self-talk that sabotages weight loss


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When the numbers on the scale refuse to budge, it's easy to fall into self-criticism and guilt. Thoughts like “My weight is my fault”, or “I don’t have enough willpower to lose weight” can swirl in your mind, eroding your self-esteem and sapping your motivation. However, berating yourself does more harm than good.  

These negative thought patterns impact your emotional and physical well-being. They’re also associated with increased risk of depression, lower self-esteem, dysfunctional eating patterns... and more. Plus they work against your efforts to lose weight and get healthy.  

At Allurion, we want to help you recognize that firstly, weight loss is not as simple as eating less or moving more. There are strong and complex biological, cultural, and psychological factors that affect your lifestyle and weight. 

Read more on obesity myths here. 

We want to help you realize that your well-being is far more than your body weight and shape; it's about: 

  • having a healthy pattern of eating, including foods that you love 
  • enjoying moving your body and  
  • guiding your thoughts towards helpful ones that reinforce your goals.  

It’s about the positive actions you can take each day to support your health.  

Through our clinical and in-app support, and a new series of podcasts, Allurion equips you with the tools to reframe negative thoughts into more helpful affirmations. Instead of blaming yourself, talk back to yourself and reframe those thoughts; celebrate the healthy choices you're making each day, no matter how small - every step forward counts!  

Your thoughts are a powerful part of what drives your behaviors and actions every day. If you can use them to your advantage, by being kind, grateful and helpful towards your goals, you’ll be more likely to succeed.  

Next time you are facing a challenge, or a fluctuation in your commitment to your healthier lifestyle, check in on your thought patterns. What are you telling yourself? Is it going to help you move forward towards your goals, or hold you back? If it is unhelpful, try to turn that thought on its head – switch your internal narrative to be your cheerleader.  

Coaching from your Allurion nutritionist, as well as our podcasts, helps you talk back to negative thoughts with positive self-talk like, “I had a slipup this weekend, it is normal to have slip ups, but this is good practice for me to learn how to manage challenges in the future.” 

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Judge yourself based on your actions, not your weight. Your value as a person goes far beyond the number on the scale.

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How to cope with emotional eating triggers

When you’re looking to lose weight, emotional eating is one of the biggest and most common challenges that you might face.  

When you feel an urge to overeat, or feel your emotions influencing your appetite, it can be helpful to pause and identify the root emotion behind it. Are you stressed? Lonely? Bored? Simply acknowledging the feeling helps diffuse it so you can choose a healthier response.  

Tracking your emotions, alongside your eating habits and food intake can be a great first step to having more awareness of how they all interact.  

Start by tracking this week and take time to reflect at the end of the week. What are your common eating triggers? If they are emotions and mood, the Allurion Programme can help.   

Over time, as you learn new ways to manage your emotions that do not necessarily involve food, it does get easier and easier despite difficult emotions.  

Having the Allurion Balloon can also help you control portions and cravings by making you feel fuller faster, and stay fuller for longer.

How does the Allurion Balloon actually work?

The Allurion Balloon can make the start of every weight loss journey easier. By taking up over half of your stomach space, it helps you feel fuller faster and for longer, thereby reducing your portion sizes, your appetite, and helping to control cravings. 

The balloon stays approximately 4 months in your stomach and during this time, your Allurion nutrition team works with you to re-engineer your eating habits, learn to recognize your triggers and develop strategies together to deal with them. 

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The Allurion Balloon, together with the support you will receive, can help you ease the mental load of weight loss and cope better with emotional eating triggers. 

Shifting your mindset from dieting to sustainable weight loss and wellness

Successful weight loss requires changing both your habits and your mindset in the long-term. Willpower and motivation will always fluctuate, so you need tools to transform how you think about food, exercise and your body. 

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Through our coaching, the Allurion Programme helps you shift from unrealistic dieting mindsets to a mindset around sustainable weight loss, better health inside and out, and mental wellness: 

  • Valuing inner strength over physical appearance, appreciating your qualities and values that make you beautiful as a person 
  • Viewing food as wholesome fuel for your body instead of a reward or guilty pleasure 
  • Appreciating your body for what it allows you to experience and accomplish, instead of how it looks like 
  • Exercising for physical health, the joy of progress and mental clarity, not just calorie-burning 

Changing these mindsets can be challenging, especially if you've held onto them for many years. At Allurion, we firmly believe in guiding you through this transformation process with care and consideration. We recognize the importance of taking manageable steps, because each person's journey is unique. 

Besides support from your clinic team, use the Allurion App, Connected Scale and Health Tracker to monitor your progress and stay motivated by tracking the daily victories. 

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Through this support and our digital tools, our goal is to work together to ensure that your weight loss is steady and sustainable and help you build the mental strength needed for lasting transformation.

Are you ready to start your journey to better health and mental wellness? 

Losing weight goes beyond mere numbers and sizes. It's about building a healthy lifestyle that nourishes you emotionally and physically. With the Allurion Programme's combination of medical support, nutritional guidance and digital tools, you have everything you need to succeed. By adopting healthier habits and transforming your mindset, you can achieve the health and mental well-being you need to thrive. 

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